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Caught Red Handed


The rosellas of the region are quite beautiful, however they can be devastating to vineyards when in large numbers. Here we found one of our little mates with both a claw and mouthful of rose petals and we couldn’t help but laugh. Let’s hope that our roses are the only thing on the menu this year!


Flash Techniques


At Fernfield we use a variety of methods that have minimal impact to the birds and the environment.

 Before veraison, when the grapes weren’t too appetising, we used glitter tape to dissuade the birds - the tape blows in the wind and catches the sunlight, giving the impression to the birds that there is something moving around in the vineyard. The flapping of the tape also creates a noise that scares the birds away.




















Upping the Ante


Unfortunately when the grapes start changing colour (a process called veraison), they start getting more tasty and the glitter tape isn't a strong enough deterrent. As the grapes are going through veraison at the moment, we've just finished putting up our bird nets. These nets provide a barrier to protect the grapes until harvest, so that we can enjoy them rather than the birds!


Our Latest Weapon


Meet Bandit, our new secret weapon in the vineyard for scaring birds, don't you find him pretty scary?


Our loyal and hard-working employee Dexter has also been helping out by chasing away any remaining birds in the vineyard.