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On the 17th of January Eden Valley was stricken by fire after a tree was struck by lightning three days earlier during a storm. At just before 11am, one of our neighbours spotted the fire, which went out of control in no time at all. We spent the day watching planes, helicopters and the awe inspiring Elvis helicopter try to put out the fast travelling fire, while preparing ourselves for the worst.


While we were lucky, many others weren't. The fire burnt nearly 25,000 Ha, with a perimeter of over 100km for the CFS to try to keep contained. The CFS did an unbelievable job, trying to keep up with a fire that at times travelled faster than the trucks could drive, through difficult terrain, and it was an absolute credit to those volunteers on the fireground that no serious injuries were sustained throughout the whole event.

Unfortunately despite their efforts a few homes were lost, stock had to be put down and untold kilometres of fencing were destroyed.