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Golden Nectar


In the last blog, we mentioned a couple of little successes with our 2014 Riesling winning a bronze medal in the Australian Boutique Wine Awards and our 2014 Sauvignon Blanc's inclusion in Winestate Magazines '40 Best Value Wines'


Well we're excited to announce that this month we've managed to top that off, with a Gold Medal at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show! The Sauvignon Blanc has had it's beautiful aroma, velvety mouthfeel and fresh, fruity flavours recognised at one of the country's pre-eminent awards.


We're very proud to have succeeded in winning a gold medal with Fernfield's first ever Sauvignon Blanc and are grateful to Shaun McBeath and Christa Deans who helped grow and transform excellent grapes into award winning wine!


You can get a sneaky taste of the Sauvignon Blanc at our cellar door or just a click away at our online store (while stocks last!).

2015 Begins


Now that Spring has arrived, the 2015 wine season has started, with our vines bursting over the past two weeks. To ensure we maintain our grapes at high quality, we've spent September working on nutrition; to get all the best flavours in the grapes, we need exceptionally healthy soils!


A major step is the addition of quality compost to the base of the vines: this helps with a variety of factors including building organic carbon levels and the improvement of moisture retention. We've also applied a balance of fertilisers to supply macronutrients, and lime to optimise the soil pH.


Now we're assessing our shoots for health, as well as ensuring we have the right number of shoots to balance the vegetative growth with the fruit yield.

Growing winegrapes is often a careful balance, and we're lucky that with our small premium vineyard we can give each vine the attention it needs to get the balance right.

Winter Projects


Winter, often a quieter time of the winemaking year - has offered us a bit of time to work on some projects!


Recent visitors to our cellar door have seen the new fireplace we've installed in our tasting room, as well as the new outdoor fire to keep the front porch as cosy as inside.


We put our arts and crafts skills to the test, cutting and pressing some of the original Fernfield ferns and turning them into wall art.


To help keep the property cool in the warm summer months, we've planted 30 trees over the winter, including rows of Plane trees to welcome our guests, and we're currently establishing a new lush green lawn, ready for picnics and cricket games in the summer!

Almost Ready!


And last, but certainly not least, we've been caring for our 2013 reds which are almost ready for bottling!


Due to the close personal connection between the Lillecrapp family and the previous vintage labels, we've chosen to develop a new label for the first 'Scott and Bec' red wines from Fernfield.


As soon as we decided we needed a new label, we knew straight away that our theme would be the beautiful hollow gums that are such a dominant feature on our property and Eden Valley. The Old River Reds are majestic trees which have witnessed hundreds of years of history and provided accommodation for native birds and long-distant families alike.


With the amazing Amy from Splitpants Productions we have designed a new label concept based on one of our favourite gums on the north-east side of the property (look how big it is, you can just see us as two little shapes in the hollow!). We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new design and if you believe it will do the Fernfield reds justice. Why not join the conversation on Facebook?

Wine Label Design