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Bryce and Bronwyn Lillecrapp built Fernfield's winery in 2001, though grapes has been in the Lillecrapp family since the first vines were planted in Eden Valley back in the 1900s. In fact, Bryce's family history in Eden Valley goes back to 1856, when his great-great grandfather William Lillecrapp built the first dwelling in the area - the cottage which is now our cellar door - and formed the township of Eden Valley by subdividing the land from his property.












Renovators Delight


The cottage had a wide and varied range of inhabitants in its time, including as a home for 'wayward' girls in the early 1900s. Bryce restored the cottage in the 1990s after it fell to ruins late in the 20th century. Anyone who's seen the cellar door would agree, the transformation Bryce achieved is unbelievable when you see how it started!












A Family Affair


Having spent two decades as a vigneron, Bryce gave Bronnie a course in Winemaking as a birthday present in 2001. Bronnie loved it so much they decided to build a winery!


From that point, Fernfield was born, with Bryce managing the vineyard, Bronnie making the wine with the help of son Shannon, and daughter Rebecca managed marketing and the cellar door.


A Rewarding Career


Not content to just make wine, Bronnie used the meticulous and careful techniques she learnt from her prior life in nursing to make sure she made excellent wine - every time!

Every wine Bronwyn has ever made has won an award, including three trophies at the Barossa Wine Show, the 'Best Merlot in the World' and 2 wines in the Advertisers top 100.

As you might guess, we're pretty pleased that Bryce and Bronnie have agreed to mentor us through vintage this year to ensure we  maintain Fernfield's reputation for impeccable quality wines.