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Our quaint little cellar door has an interesting history. The original homestead of Eden Valley, the cottage was build 160 years ago in 1856. While it has many tales to tell, one that stuck with us was the story of the Wayward Girls.


In the early 1900s the cottage became a home for 'Wayward' city girls. These girls were sent away from friends and family in Adelaide to spare their families the 'shame' of unmarried pregnancy. We have so much sympathy for these girls who, already going through a hard time, were sent to the back of beyond, before having to give up their newborns.


Later in the 20th century the cottage fell to ruins, before Bryce and Bronnie spent years faithfully restoring the rubble back to its former glory. We're now so lucky to be able to share this little historical gem with our customers as Fernfield's cellar door.

The Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc were grown in our little vineyard behind the winery on our property.


We have put a lot of work into getting the right soil nutrients through comprehensive soil testing and nutrient additions such as organic compost and straw, so that we can be sure our grapes of the best quality they can possibly be.


To get the optimal ripening conditions, we use canopy management including manual shoot thinning and topping.

The grapes were all picked by hand, with the Merlot coming off in April and Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc hanging on late and developing on vine until just into May 2014. Bec and I called in the help of family and friends, but don't worry, we paid them well for their work with a BBQ lunch. Going back through the photos I've just noticed we made them cook it too...

Each of the components of the blend were fermented separately, with hand plunging around the clock to extract colour and flavours. After at least 7 days on skins we basket pressed and aged the wine on oak for just over 24 months.


The resulting wine is a careful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (51%), Merlot (43%) and Cabernet Franc (6%) to produce a wine of finesse and elegance.

For the 160 year celebration of the cottage, we wanted to develop some special artwork to honour the wayward girls.

Meet Patrick Cunningham, a great artist and friend who kindly agreed to make the label. Pat toiled away using a range of mediums to get some great effects and give life to the faceless and nameless girls who faced such hard times in Rushlea cottage almost 100 years ago.

And here's the final result!


The Wayward Girl is our most elegant and lightest red, with tannin structure to age, but ready to drink now and featuring a fruity nose of plum, cherry and earthy clove.

Come visit us at the cellar door to give us your review or you can just grab some here:


If you would like to learn more about Eden Valley, check out the local town's website at www.edenvalley.org.au

Thanks for reading! Sincerely,

Fernfield Wines Owners Scott and Bec

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