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A Prized Pair


We're very excited to announce that in our first year at Fernfield, both of our 2014 white wines have already won accolades for excellent quality. We're proud to be able to continue the Fernfield award winning tradition with a Bronze medal for our Riesling in the Australian Boutique Wine Awards, and our Sauvignon Blanc has been also awarded in Winestate Magazines '40 Best Value Wines' in the September edition.


We're just thrilled!


You can decide for yourself, as both these award winning wines are available on our online store.


White Winter


It's surely been a fresh winter this year! Thanks to a pretty wet season we've got a beautiful lake along the creek down by the cellar door, complete with a few families of ducks and lovely sulphur crested cockatoos.


August has been beautiful, with frost blanketing the fields most mornings!


Pruning Time


Luckily, the weather has held out well in August, which has allowed us to prune our vines on nice dry days!


We prune our vines late in winter to minimise the risk of frost and eutypa damage; later pruning means the vine will flower later in spring when there is less likelihood of frosty mornings, which could damage the vine and reduce yields.














Balanced Oak


Our 2013 Red wines are almost ready!


Having sold out of most of our previous red vintage, the new reds couldn't come soon enough, but we aren't rushing them, we want them to be just right before they're bottled.


The Shiraz is in new American oak, and the Cabernet Sauvignon recently transferred into new French oak. Our oak, provided by local cooperage A.Stiller Coopers, is selected for it's subtle flavour profile. The fine grained oak is water bent, seasoned for three years and medium-fired to impart flavours both elegant and soft, without over-powering the strong fruit flavours.


The wines are tasting great, and are on track for a November release.


In  the meantime, we're lucky to still have some of the 2010 Wayward Blend for sale on our online store.